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3 April 2013

Ending overcrowding in East End slums

DURING the 19th century, London’s East End – including Hackney – suffered from massive overcrowding in some of the city’s poorest housing.

Evelyn Court, in Amhurst Road, Hackney, in the 1930s
21 February 2013

Victorian-era TV crime drama re-tells first-ever murder on a British railway train

A BBC TV documentary which debuts tonight, Murder On The Victorian Railway, retells the story of a brutal killing that shocked and captured the imagination of Victorian society.

 Robert Whitelock plays tenacious detective Richard Tanner in Murder on the Victorian Railway
11 February 2013

Don't turn your nose up at Hackney's drainage system

WHEN visitors go to Hackney Archives in order to investigate the history of their house, they are often surprised to be advised to start by looking at the drainage records for the building.

Hoxton Street: Hackney Archives hold drainage reports to help research the history of a home
21 September 2012

Mothers' days: Caring for destitute pregnant women

IN the late 1800s, giving birth outside of marriage carried massive social stigma. No maternity facilities were provided for single mothers apart from those of the local workhouse, where many of those disowned by their families or employers ended up.

A new mother signs the birth register at a Hackney hospital
4 August 2012

Great sporting pastimes

THE 2012 Olympiad has showcased more than 10,000 athletes from over 200 countries, competing in 39 disciplines across 26 sports, from aquatics to wrestling, so hopefully everyone found something to enjoy.

Archery at the Robin Hood tavern in 1800
20 July 2012

Breaking records in Hackney Wick

BEFORE the Olympic Park was built most people would not have associated Hackney with international athletics. However, 150 years ago world records were being made and broken within a mile of where the Olympic stadium now stands.

The running track at the White Lion public house in 1862
9 July 2012

A long tradition of rowing in Hackney

ONE of the most physically demanding events in the Olympic and Paralympic Games is rowing, requiring incredible strength and stamina.

Lea River Regatta, 1969
25 June 2012

The regeneration of Hoxton Square

THE much loved public space of Hoxton Square began life in October 1683, when the Austen family leased the southern area of what was known as the Church Field – part of their Hoxton landholdings – to Samuel Blewitt and London ship owner and merchant Robert Hackshaw.

North side of Hoxton Square in 1969
18 June 2012

Haggerston Park celebrates its 55th anniversary

JUNE 2012 marks the 55th anniversary of the opening of Haggerston Park, which saw an area that had been scarred by industry and derelict housing transformed into a much-loved open space.

The site of Haggerston Basin where the canal has been filled in

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