12 August 2012

Pilgrim takes different path

BEGGARSBELIEF Theatre Company is playfully revisiting John Bunyan’s 1768 literary piece ‘The Pilgrim’s Progress’ at The Yard theatre in Hackney Wick.

The original story follows a 17th century jailbird on a dreamy and religious adventure. But whereas staunch Christian writer Bunyan asked the biggest of all questions ‘why am I here?’, ‘A Progress’ has far less lofty ideals – the company simply promises entertainment.

More than that: it seems to almost revel in the hope that some may wince, cringe and be offended as the bewildered pilgrim journeys to salvation.

Previously Beggarsbelief has taken on themes as diverse as Jason and The Argonauts and the 1966 World Cup final. Now its sights are set on religion – from atheists to people of faith – by revisiting this classic English tale. In addition, singers from The Arles Vocal Ensemble will be performing music during the show.

Bunyan’s pilgrim walked along the king’s road, passing lions, fighting dragons, fleeing the arrows of Beelzebub and wading in the slough of despond. It will be interesting to see what difference 300 years and a heavy dose of post modernism make.

For more info, visit: theyardtheatre.co.uk
A Progress at The Yard theatre

A Progress at The Yard theatre

A Progress at The Yard theatre


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