05 October 2012

We love...weekends

MINI art and mini singers feature in venues across Hackney this weekend. Here's Destination Hackney's recommendations of things to do with your time off:

Rooftop Film Club, Friday 5 October
Causing neither trouble nor pain, Rooftop Film Club at Netil 360 screens Prince’s debut film Purple Rain. Granted, the storyline and acting is no Citizen Kane, but just enjoy the two-hour music video video from an icon. After the film, DJs pump out 1980s music into the night. 

The Nest’s 2nd Birthday, Friday 5 October
The Stoke Newington Road basement dancefloor turns two and is throwing a birthday party to celebrate. Organisers purposely haven't announced the line-up, but here’s hoping Fabric’s little sister puts on something special.

Pablo Delgado Solo Show, ongoing
Miniature art creator Pablo Delgado has a show at Shoreditch’s Pure Evil Gallery of his itsy-bitsy, teeny-weeney scenes painted in urban areas. His work features various tiny characters, objects and animals photographed in juxtaposition with life-size items such as discarded chicken bones and leaves to create a surreal panoramas.

Alpha-ville, Saturday 6 October
An exploration of the relationship between electronic music, digital art and visual practices. Take a look at the Destination Hackney preview.

African Cowfoot, Sunday 7 October
Cultural collective Open the Gate puts on a night of African entertainment at Rich Mix. The show, named African Cowfoot, is led by energetic and funny Sierra Leone storyteller Usifu Jalloh who takes the audience on a journey through his childhood. Singers Alim Kamara and Ayo-Dele Edwards feature among the singers.

African Cowfoot at Rich Mix this weekend

African Cowfoot at Rich Mix this weekend

African Cowfoot at Rich Mix this weekend


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