21 September 2012

Preview: Dead On Her Feet

ARCOLA Theatre re-opens on 3 October with Dead On Her Feet, a new work by Emmy award-winning screenwriter Ron Hutchinson.

The play is based on 1930s US dance marathons where competitors would dance for hours - and sometimes even weeks - for money and fame.

In this case, six broke contestants perform for an entertainment ravenous crowd as the world teeters on the brink of financial ruin.

Sounds familiar? Dead On Her Feet's creators are acutely aware of the parallels between the American Great Depression of the 1930s and the global recession today. Moreover, this energetic play aims to speak directly to ‘those brought up on a diet of X-Factor and reality tv’.

Dodgy promoters and shady pasts also feature as storylines in this work, which sees Royal Shakespeare Company associate director Barry Kyle taking directing duties.

Arcola Theatre has been closed since June for major renovations that include installing a new meeting space and café, replacing windows and toilets, improving the heating system, lifts and disability access and making the building more sustainable.

Temporary space Arcola Tent had been hosting theatre events during the works. Dead On Her Feet will be a chance to see the improvements to Arcola Theatre to date. 

Dead On Her Feet runs at Arcola Theatre between 3 October and 3 November. For more info, visit: www.arcolatheatre.com

Dead On Her Feet is set in a 1930s dance marathon

Dead On Her Feet is set in a 1930s dance marathon

Dead On Her Feet is set in a 1930s dance marathon


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