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THE 'I Love Hackney' campaign was born in 2006, following the broadcast of a Channel 4 property programme which branded Hackney as 'the worst place to live in the UK'. 

The response from residents and businesses was one of passionate defence of their area, and staff at Hackney Museum were inspired to create an 'I Love Hackney' exhibition which asked local celebrities to talk about why they loved the borough. 

Out of that exhibition was born a civic pride campaign which customised the iconic I Love NY branding and has captured the hearts of residents and visitors alike ever since.  

Tens of thousands of I Love Hackney badges, T-shirts and bags have been snapped up at public events over the past six years.  At the recent BBC Radio 1 Hackney Weekend, more than 35,000 I Love Hackney badges were given away and proudly worn by festival-goers. 

Watch this space for news about a brand new online store selling a range of official I Love Hackney merchandise.

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